Real-World Data & Analytics

Uncover valuable insight

Electronic health records (EHRs) provide valuable information to enhance your research. With exclusive data assets and networks, Quintiles can give you full access to real-world data to help you gain greater insights.


Access to ~21M patient lives with ~8M active records through the COMPASS network

Turn data into real-world comprehension

In today's new health environment, EHRs are more than just an administrative tool. They can provide an in-depth understanding of patient–provider interactions, which makes them a preferred source for retrospective data analysis. When you harness the information Outcome® EHR data analytics provide, you will discover vital insights that elevate you above your competitors and better address patients' needs.

Empowering healthcare with real world data

Better clarity generates more useful knowledge

When you partner with Quintiles, you gain access to EHRs representing millions of patient lives; these data-yielding insights are valuable yet cost-effective. Outcome® EHR data can help address a wide variety of concerns in the areas of pharmacoepidemiology, health economics and outcomes research, and marketing analytics and informatics. In addition, EHR data can be linked to other retrospective sources or used as a foundation for retrospective-to-prospective hybrid studies.

With Quintiles you can customize your EHR data insights:

  • Clinical data analytics to understand the clinical characteristics – age, sex, BMI, vital signs, lab values, symptoms, and disease history, among other factors – of patients who use your product versus competitors
  • Prescribing pattern analyses to understand variations in product positioning (first-line use, second-line use, etc.) according to geography (3-digit zipcode).

  • Quarterly data refreshes to understand trends in diagnosis and treatment over time.

  • Protocol feasibility assessments to understand the effects of patient inclusion/exclusion criteria and optimization for clinical trial design.

The power of possibilities

Partner with Quintiles to change the way you look at EMR data and how you take advantage of healthcare data networks to create profitable assets.

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