Risk-based Monitoring

Leading the evolution of risk-based monitoring with Data-driven Trial Execution 

Years of process refinement combined with risk-based thinking and new predictive analytics have led Quintiles to an approach that delivers greater efficiency, improved patient safety, enhanced study quality and higher cost savings.


Execute studies with confidence by partnering with the RBM market leader 

Leveraging years of experience with more than 130 RBM trials, including 26,000 sites and 260,000 patients.

Reduce cost while enhancing value

A risk-based approach to clinical monitoring can facilitate efficient trial delivery without compromising patient safety or data quality. You need a partner who understands the value risk-based monitoring provides and has the experience to execute your RBM trials.

Integrated offerings deliver greater value

Data-driven Trial Execution, is powered by Quintiles Infosario® Clinical technology and expands the concept of risk-based monitoring to optimize trial execution. Our combination of services enables faster, more informed decisions, big picture insights, improved patient safety, increased study quality and more efficient trial management, which can lead to as much as 25% cost reduction over traditional trial execution approaches.

We integrate data and processes from numerous core services:
  • Study start-up
  • Clinical monitoring (onsite, remote or Centralized Monitoring)
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Centralized data surveillance
Quintiles’ award-winning technology, proven processes and industry expertise drive results that take you further in the market:
  • Achieve as much as 25% cost reduction over traditional trial execution approaches with improved productivity and resource allocation.
  • Access Quintiles' in-depth experience in risk-based monitoring (RBM) deployments – 130+ studies with 26,000 sites and 260,000 patients.

The power of possibilities

By harnessing the power of data analytics, and now using breakthrough predictive analytics, we’re able to pre-emptively identify potential patient safety and operational performance issues, further mitigating risk for your trials.

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Quintiles Data-driven Trial Execution
Quintiles Data-driven Trial Execution

Quintiles Recent Awards
Informatica Award

Received the 2013 Informatica Innovation Award for Enterprise Data Integration for the Infosario technology platform.

CRO Leadership Awards

Selected in all five categories of Quality, Reliability, Regulatory, Productivity and Innovation for the 2014 Life Science Leader Leadership Award.

BioPharma Industry Awards

Quintiles honored as “Best CRO in Asia” for sixth time in four years for advancing clinical research in Asia and speeding development for customers.

ComputerWorld Data + Award

Recognized with a Computerworld Data+ Editor’s Choice Award for its Infosario technology platform.