Centralized Monitoring

Accelerate your Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) benefits with a highly adaptable approach

Centralized Monitoring is a core RBM capability - now you can leverage Quintiles' experience and capabilities to accelerate your RBM development.

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Execute studies with confidence by partnering with the RBM market leader

Leveraging years of experience with more than 130 RBM trials, including 26,000 sites and 260,000 patients.

Centralized Monitoring

Expanding and Optimizing the RBM Model

Biopharma is adopting Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) as the standard execution model for clinical studies. As the RBM market leader, Quintiles is leading this evolution. Now, you can gain from our industry-leading RBM approach with a standalone Centralized Monitoring capability, which integrates our operational expertise, data integration, technology, predictive and advanced analytics, and site and patient management. 

Flexibility and Value

Optimize your existing clinical operations by using Quintiles’ Centralized Monitoring. Our offering’s proven processes are enabled by an advanced technology platform that is implemented and supported by established change management methodologies. Integrate Quintiles' adaptable Centralized Monitoring capabilities, which allow you to select the services that best meet your unique requirements with your monitoring approach, or into your existing Functional Service Provider (FSP) model, to drive your clinical development optimization.

Proof in marketplace

Use Quintiles Centralized Monitoring services with your existing services to accelerate your RBM benefits and more easily connect insights for better outcomes.