Safety & Pharmacovigilance

End-to-end pharmacovigilance services to ensure your product’s most optimal benefit-risk profile

Our number one goal is to improve safety and achieve better patient outcomes. Quintiles is one of the only CROs with fully integrated, comprehensive safety services from clinical through post-marketing. What does this mean to you? That you have a steady partner from start to finish -- whatever your project needs and wherever you are in the product lifecycle.

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Combining Regulatory Insights and PV Experience for Better, Faster Results

1.5M safety cases processed between 2009 and 2014 with >99% on time compliance.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes with an Integrated Approach

In the midst of ever-evolving regulatory standards and increasing cost pressures, patient safety must always remain the top priority. Ultimately, product and patient safety are tied to product value, but a commitment to safety shouldn't mean sacrificing cost-efficiency. Quintiles can help you transform pharmacovigilance into a competitive advantage.

We help you manage global regulations and post-approval safety deliverables while gaining a deeper understanding of your benefit-risk profile. Our optimized processes, technology and resources ensure quality and save you money – now and moving forward. Lifecycle Safety is centered on your needs and adapts to grow with you.

Our dependability is shown in the numbers:
  • Quintiles Global Safety and Pharmacovigilance has processed almost 1.5M clinical, post-marketing and medical device safety reports globally over the past 5 years with over 99% on time compliance to sponsors and regulatory agencies.
  • Quintiles has delivered more than 450 aggregate safety reports between January 2013 and August 2014.
  • Quintiles has delivered >220 standalone benefit risk assessment reports between January and September 2014.

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