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Align R&D operational needs from pipeline to patients

In today’s clinical trials, data drives decisions more than ever before. Using Quintiles Technology Solutions, you have a complete view of all of the data needed to make fast and accurate decisions regarding safety, productivity, costs and risks.

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Named to InformationWeek Top 500 list of Information Technology Innovators

Quintiles was named to InformationWeek Top 500 list of Information Technology Innovators for 5 consecutive years.

By using data and technology at new levels, biopharma is transforming clinical development from pipeline to patient. The challenge is integrating all of the data coming from a very complex landscape of partners and data sources in a way that not only aligns with current R&D IT needs, but also positions all stakeholders for success in the future of the digital healthcare universe.

Proven success

A partner who understands and delivers

When you’re looking for a partner who not only understands your IT needs, but also has a proven track record of success in addressing them, Quintiles is it. Quintiles Technology Solutions have been used for:
  • Implementation on the world’s largest active clinical data exchange.
  • Deploying the largest global implementations of several industry-leading platforms
  • Delivering integrated cloud solutions with five leading technology providers.
And we’ve got the numbers to back it up, including:
  • Being named to InformationWeek Top 500 list for 5 consecutive years.
  • Having access to 60M de-identified Electronic Health Records used in trial design since 2004.
  • Being involved in the development or commercialization of 100% of the Top 100 bestselling products or compounds of 2013.

Comprehensive solutions

Advise, create & operate

Combining 30 years of operational expertise and award-winning technology solutions, Quintiles is uniquely positioned to partner with you in creating technology solutions that respond to your specific needs. You’ll have access to a comprehensive offering of IT services, including:
  • Technology Strategies & Solutions for enterprise architecture, IT strategy, dashboards, analytics, reports, knowledge management
  • Data Brokering for data aggregation, master data management (MDM) with evaluations, migrations, integrations and data feeds
  • Advanced Analytics for modeling services and offerings spanning Product Development and Integrated Health
  • Complex Registries to provide build and management services for large, complex registry studies
  • Platform Hosting for standalone product hosting arrangements on enterprise-class solutions

The power of possibilities

Having created a powerful suite of integrated, award-winning data systems and services, Quintiles can work with you to build and implement the solutions that will help you achieve the success you’re looking for. And we’ll do it in a way that’s cost-effective, scalable and customizable.

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