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    With the complexity of oncology clinical trials, how can you succeed – or fail – faster? 

    Translational research helps you understand a compound’s biology, critical for developing targeted therapies. Quintiles’ Translational R&D Center for Excellence provides scientific insight into targets, molecular signaling and clinical outcomes.

    Our translational research capabilities include:

    • Performing compound mechanism-of-action (MOA) studies and pathway elucidation 
    • Identifying predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers
    • Developing and validating genomic and proteomic assays that focus on pathways and biomarkers for the drug and tumor type
    • Whole genome deep sequencing
    • In vivo TumorGraft testing
    • Microarray SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism)
    • Recommending drug combinations to improve clinical outcome and/or preemptively overcome mechanisms of resistance
    • Identifying potential target patients and tumor types
    • Assessing cardiotoxicity of compounds early in development
    • Offering integrated genomics solutions to identify biomarkers for evaluating drug efficacy, toxicity and responsiveness

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    By combining knowledge with data-driven insights, we help Pharma add value throughout the product lifecycle helping to reduce study cycle times, optimize costs, and ultimately increase the probability of regulatory and market success. Watch To Find Out How

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles can help you map stakeholder requirements and integrate these into the development process from the very beginning, incorporating critical endpoints to drive more efficient clinical trials. Watch Video

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles brings together experienced oncology teams and integrated global trial operations to help our customers achieve real results in oncology clinical development. Learn More

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles Oncology COE can improve your probability of diagnostic and drug co-development with targeted therapies through scientific expertise, laboratory capabilities, and commercial insight. View this video to see how

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Prospective identification and potential amelioration of cardiotoxicity is a critical component of contemporary drug development. 
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  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles is partnering early with oncology drug developers, providing integrated services spanning Phase 1 through commercialization to help them achieve real results in their oncology programs.  By combining scientific and therapeutic expertise with operational insights, we can gather evidence needed to support clinical utility, help gain regulatory approval, and accelerate market adoption.  As a testament to our commitment, we helped develop or commercialize the world’s top 45 best-selling oncology drugs of 2012. Learn More