Accelerating NASH Clinical Development

Next-generation solutions to deliver the patients, study support and data you need

What's your NASH recruitment rate?

Our approach can help you achieve up to 3 patients per site per month for your trial. We’re willing to stand behind our recruitment rates with performance-based contracts.

Stop Guessing. Know More.

The race is on to find a treatment for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH), a silent epidemic that’s asymptomatic in its early phases and difficult to diagnose. With nearly 60,000 clinical trial participants needed over the next four years and many companies racing to develop treatments, speeding your drug to market to help patients has proven difficult.

We can help you meet your NASH development goals by offering:

  • Next-generation solutions that optimize your protocol design
  • Data-driven patient and site engagement
  • A study support model that provides predictable recruitment
  • Non-invasive screening and stratification


What can we deliver to help you meet your NASH clinical trial goals? 


Data-Driven Patient and Site Targeting 

Our next-generation real-world insights help validate your protocol to ensure your study design is optimized for success. We leverage our foundation of deep patient and investigator relationships and add the power and precision of multi-country claims and EMR data to identify the patients and sites you require around the globe.


Innovative Site Management Model

Because NASH is an underdiagnosed disease with low patient and physician awareness, most potential trial participants see their local providers. Our novel approach to engaging with physicians and patients speeds recruitment, reduces timelines and cost, and enables patients to be treated in their communities.


Technology to Screen and Enrich your Trial

Using non-invasive technology such as LiverMultiScan Discover multi-parametric MRI for pre-screening and stratification, you see fewer screen fails and dropouts. Furthermore, you can see early signals of efficacy through its sensitivity to change.

Healthy Patient and NASH Patient



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