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Golden Age in Vaccinology

Oren Cohen on milestones on vaccine research
Oren Cohen explains the enormous public health advances that have been made through vaccine research.

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Advances in genomics and information technology are ushering in a new era for oncology drug development, but biopharmaceutical companies must move the conversation from cost to value.

Rare Diseases

50% childrenAlthough regulatory incentives and the designation of “orphan” products have stimulated commercial research for rare diseases, their low prevalence, high complexity and predominance in children create significant barriers. Providers and patients are clamoring for treatment access and improved outcomes, but increasingly payers are making hard choices about reimbursing these therapies.

Evidence & Value

Healthcare costs are climbing, regulators around the globe are requiring more information, and both providers and payers have higher expectations for a medical treatment’s proof of value before prescribing or paying for those treatments.

Payers & Providers

Payers and providers are steadily beginning to only pay for and prescribe treatments that improve patient outcomes, and despite how good a new product might be, it is only as good as how it is used in a real-world setting.


366 million...As the prevalence of diabetes continues to increase globally, and the market for new therapies grows increasingly crowded, it's more important than ever to match the right drug to the right patient.


Biosimilar development and commercialization is a uniquely difficult endeavor requiring precise, stepwise planning to ensure timely regulatory approval and optimal market access. 


The healthcare industry is in a radical state of transformation, and biopharma players need to adapt to a systems-oriented approach to protect revenues, grow market share, and obtain regulatory approval for new treatments.

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